Build Territorial Identity and Gain Customer Loyalty

Building Territorial Identity helps your business to create a brand awareness that customers associate with, and keeps them coming back for more.

If you ever take notice, some coffee shops want to create a culture that matches the characteristics of the people that frequent their establishments. Whether it is the name, the ambiance, or menu, a territorial identity is born. These coffee shops want to be a part of their customers everyday life and cater to their moods and patterns. Whether it is a coffee for their morning start of the day, mid-day pick me up, or wind down at the end of the day, they hope to share all these moments with their customers.

Like any relationship, people want that comfort of something familiar, safe, predictable, and a devotion to quality. 

Here are some ways to build your territory Identity:

  • Host events that are related to getting your customers familiar with your products and exposing them new lines or seasonal product lines. A cupping demonstration is always a popular event.
  • Conduct educational workshops related to the craft of coffee brewing, or anything to do with coffee, this gets your customers engaged and a connection is developed. 
  • Conduct surveys to get customers feedback on all aspects of your shop, service, products, etc.
  • Get involved with your community outside your coffee shop. Participate in fund raisers, donate to a good cause, and more…
  • Ensure your staff is well trained to tell your story, listen, and provide quality service.
  • Find ways for customers to be reminded of you, your shop, and your employees, even when they are not there. Make sure you are selling the coffee you serve pre-packaged.  You are your logo! (work with a coffee roaster to help come up with your own coffee selections)

Now that you have some ideas to start to build your territorial identity, look to your favorite coffee roaster not only to supply you with quality coffee, but guidance in creating a culture that resonates comfortable with your customers. 
Being one of these small-batch roasters, Bean Life Coffee can assist coffee shops in creating a territorial identity by providing:

  • Unique Selection Of Signature Coffees At Wholesale Prices
  • Custom Blends
  • Consistency
  • Devotion To The Craft
  • Support And Training 
  • Co-Hosting Events

Building your territorial identity is the process of creating a constant association of your brand, products, and services.
Meet with our Bean Life Coffee Representative and let us see how we can work together to build your TERRITORIAL IDENTITY!