Coffee After Hours Keeps You Connected

Building your very own coffee brand can be both rewarding and exciting! Here are some tips to help get you started...

Offering pre-packaged coffee for purchase, in-store and on-line ads value to building your overall brand.

Here Are The Benefits

  • Ability to expand your market reach 
  • Customers who buy will share and serve to family and friends, increasing customer base
  • Keeps you connected to your loyal customers
  • Additional source of revenue with minimal cost
  • Awareness of your story of why your coffee shop and your coffee are unique
  • Increases the value and reliability of your offering


Here Is A High-Level Checklist Of How To Get Started

 #1: Develop Your Coffee Brand 

Your brand could mimic your existing coffee shop culture, or partner with a coffee roaster, like Bean Life Coffee, (it is a great way to build value and validity)

If wanting to develop your own coffee selection, you will want to create a logo/slogan, design your packaging that embodies your story and expresses your territory identity 

#2: Create A Website & A Page For Visitors To Shop

A website is where your customers come to buy and learn about you. Not only does it sell your coffee, it is also a place that tells your story. 

Keep visitors engaged with your offerings, photos, videos, You will want lots of ORIGINAL pictures, videos, blog posts, articles, post events, etc. You will want to share and promote these coordinating with your social media channels.

#3: Source Your Coffee

Partner with a local Roaster, like Bean Life Coffee, where you can buy coffee beans wholesale. Develop a unique blend working side by side with a Production Roaster. 

#4: Prepare and have all your packaging and shipping materials ready to go.

#5: Marketing & Promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Here is where creating engaging content on your website is key to drive visitors to your website. If you do not have the time or expertise, hire a marketing company, work with your Roaster to help with this aspect of your website.

Promote your on-line business in your coffee shop, create a section that sells your on-line items to bring awareness. It may be gift sets, merchandise (tee-shirts, mugs, hats, etc.), and of course your coffee. Customers are going to be your biggest fans!

Practice social media utilization on a regular basis to increase brand awareness.

Be sure to collect emails, and start a weekly newsletter, conduct periodic campaigns, incentives, coupons, and more.

Make sure employees are trained to tell your story and remind customers of your offerings on-line.

Step #6: Deliver On Your Promise

Be sure you have a delivery schedule in place working closely with your Roaster to ensure the freshest coffee is delivered as quick as possible from roast to cup.


Now you have some idea of how to get started. Set goals of how you want to ramp up your retail coffee sales and always innovate by introducing new products and coffee selections. This will help keep customers engaged! 

Bean Life Coffee’s wholesale program is here to assist in any way we can in starting your retail in-store and on-line shop!