Coffee & Chocolate... Better Together!

Pairing dark and milk chocolates with your favorite Bean Life Coffee varietal makes for a great taste experience. Remember to share with your friends, or use our guide to help make some new ones!

Two beans that are meant to be together! Both start as a bean, and then end up being used to make two very popular consumable everyday indulgences: Coffee & Chocolate!

The coffee and cocoa bean have additional similar characteristics, as they both are harvested, cured, and roasted to develop their flavors. Whereas the Cocoa bean, which is also called cacao, becomes the basic ingredient for chocolate and other known treats. And, coffee beans, depending on process of choice, can be roasted to create a plethora of different coffee profiles to satisfy every coffee lovers taste bud.

For the cocoa bean in which cacao is derived, it is the basis for the different intensity levels of chocolate (percentage of cacao used). Some common examples: Baking chocolate (mainly used for baking and has no sugar), bitter sweet chocolate (little sugar),  sweet chocolate (dark chocolate – higher sugar content than bitter sweet chocolate), milk chocolate (milk is substituted for a percentage of the cacao- making a sweeter milder taste).

For the coffee bean, once roasted to the most common levels of dark, medium, or light creates a certain profile (meaning how the bean was processed during the roasting process to develop a certain outcome). The final factor is the brew process of choice, which is always a personal preference.   

For both beans, the essence of quality and specialty play a factor depending on origin, quality of the bean and how it is harvested and processed. All these characteristics determine how they are priced in the market. So, just like fine wine, coffee and chocolate is measured in a similar way.   

Some people may consider these two an indulgence, or some may as an everyday necessity. Either way, they are a great pair! 


Here are some great pairing guidelines:

Things to think about when pairing coffee and chocolate together
Nothing can be right or wrong, it is all driven on what a person likes/ dislike. Have fun with it and try different combinations.
Take into consideration the flavor notes, the acidity, and level of complexity of the coffee. Match opposites flavor notes, like sweet with spicy. 


Here are some great chocolate pairings to go with coffees from our Bean Life Coffee Collection:
Dark/Bittersweet Chocolate: 
Great paired with our Guatemala Huehuetenango, with tasting notes of delicate fruity tastes, a fairly light body that can sometimes be slightly buttery, a sweet floral aroma, and a clean aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate. 
Milk Chocolate:  
Can’t go wrong with either one of our Colombian specialty coffees.  The Colombia Huila, with flavors that feature caramel, toffee and savory fruit with a sweet and clean lemon finish. Our Colombia Narino, complex, notes of chocolate, lemon, and a winey acidity, with heavy mouthfeel.
Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts:      
Try our Peru Cajamarca, with tasting notes of dark toffee, cocoa, roasted nut flavors with a lemon citrus finish.
Chocolate Dipped Fruit:
Our Ethiopia Limu has a well-balanced body and noticeable winey and spicy flavors, full-toned, and pleasantly week and vibrant with floral overtones. 
Experiment by have a paring party with friends, it’s a great way to share the indulgence of the journey of two great beans. Loving the bean life!