Five New Specialty Coffees.... It's Coffee Time!

Bean Life Coffee has added five new specialty coffee varietals from around the world to enjoy. Perfect for the changing of the seasons, and a roast level for every preference!

Just as the seasons are changing here in the United States, so are seasons in the coffee world. 
Coffee beans, like any other agricultural commodity, has a schedule that each coffee country follows.  The world's coffee supply does not all start and stop along the same calendar dates; rather, harvesting times from country to country overlap each other.  This creates a year long steady supply of freshly harvested, processed, and dried from countries all over the world.
In keeping up with the global coffee schedule, Bean Life Coffee is delighted to release five new and fresh specialty coffee varietals!
For those who enjoy the bright and fruity flavors of a lighter roasted coffee, a beautiful Kenyan single origin coffee from the mountains of Kiambu is now available.  In order to pronounce the citrusy flavors of orange and grapefruit, we have applied a light roast this distinct coffee.  We focused on great care and attention to detail to capture the subtleties of the of the aromas and flavors of this Kiambu varietal with the intention of preserving the hard work from the local Kenyan farmers by passing along as many characteristics in the coffee bean as possible.
Who ever said that dark roasts can't be exquisitely delicious on their own?
A true dark roast from the Okapa region of Papua New Guinea possesses medium acidity while featuring notes of chocolate, caramel, and walnuts.  Perfect on it's own, but also decadent with milk or cream. 
A second option for the dark coffee lover is the beans from the Chiapas region of Mexico.  Roasted just into the darker side in order to create a bouquet of chocolate, hazelnut, and roasted peanut tastes while preserving a flutter of the lemon citrus hints; this dark coffee is a simple joy to sip on when made straight black.
Tucked away in a corner of the Sao Paulo region of Brazil is the Serra das Araras farm that has been in operation since the 1960s.  This yellow bourbon coffee displays all of it’s prominent flavors in a wonderful balance when roasted to a medium level.  The beans that this farm produces features berry and lemon flavors that are detected at the beginning of the drink, followed by the dark chocolate and cocoa notes in the aftertaste. This is a well-balanced medium roasted coffee that all coffee lovers will be sure to savor.
Lastly, an Ethiopian Guji coffee that was processed naturally in order to reserve all of it's potential flavors and nuances is available.  This is a "almost-medium" roasted coffee that has sweet, smooth and tart with complex bergamot flavors, caramelized sugar, rich dark chocolate, lime and cherry flavors.  This coffee is roasted just into the medium color range in order to maintain its more delicate flavors of lime and cherry.  With a nuance of bright acidity and sweet aromas, this Ethiopian coffee is currently one of our highest graded coffee bean offerings and it is sure to be a delicious experience.
Whether you are new to specialty coffee, or if you are a self-taught aficionado, the coffee offerings at Bean Life Coffee are aimed at providing coffee drinkers of all experiences with clean, flavorful, and inspiring coffees.  We hold true to our belief that specialty coffee should be roasted and delivered to the coffee consumer free from additional flavorings or blends.  From the farm, to our roastery, to your cup, Bean Life Coffee brings the true coffee flavors of the world to you!