How Coffee Crazy Are You?

There are many different levels of coffee drinkers in the world. Which one are you?

Here at Bean Life Coffee, as we take great pride in being a small batch roastery, sourcing beans from around the world, our greatest joy is enjoying great coffee and wanting to share it with you. When you like something, you generally want to learn something more about it—and that is exactly what we here at Bean Life Coffee do in hopes of producing some great signature coffee.

We want you to experience the journey, so every cup you make is delicious, and more interesting every time you brew. Wherever you are in your journey, Bean Life Coffee has a coffee for every step you take.

Coffee selection can be just as overwhelming as when choosing a wine. There are different coffees for different moods, foods, time of day, who you are with, the places you travel, etc.

I meet different types of coffee drinkers along the way, and I have categorized them in this amiable way:

The Wanabe who finds the coffee world intriguing but doesn’t really know where to begin in the journey. They have a desire to understand the culture of small-batch coffee, and how it can enrich his/her world, community, and taste buds.  Usually these are the ones that start out just wanting it for the caffeine. The Rookie may want to start with Bean Life Coffee’s Signature Coffees as a starting point as a warm welcome into their journey of specialty coffee. 

The Novice is who has dabbled a bit and is ready to step out of their comfort zone to explore more of the small-batch coffee world. He finds him/herself wanting to take a deeper dive into understanding the journey of bean to cup and how it relates to the overall tasting experience. They are working their way to becoming a Coffee Aficionado! I recommend not only our signature coffees, but you may also want to experience our Regional coffees as well.

The Coffee Aficionado is a person who has studied and understands a lot about the history of coffee, and the journey from bean to cup. Although coffee is a personal experience and different tastes for different folks, the Aficionado is recognized like a Wine Sommelier, someone that overtime has built up a knowledge base and understanding of the ins and outs of all aspects of coffee. At Bean Life Coffee we welcome The Coffee Aficionado to indulge in all our coffees and welcome any feedback based on their experience and expertise!

You may find yourself in between one of these types, just remember to enjoy the journey however, wherever, and with whomever. When you are taking your next coffee break, connect with us on Facebook  and let us know which type you believe best describes you, we would love to hear from you
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