Never Too Big To Think Local

Our roastery is based in Plano, TX, but you can find us all over the continental United States as well as local gatherings and events!

Since opening our doors, Bean Life Coffee’s goal is to share some of the world’s best coffee throughout the United States by shipping directly to you or delivered by one of our trusted distribution partners.

We also take great pride in establishing our local roots here in Plano, TX, where we do all our roasting, work side-by-side with other local producers, to economically help benefit the local community as well. We do this in many ways:

Farmer Markets:

You can find us sampling and selling at various Farmer Markets located near our roastery. A great way to make coffee an experience and gather some great feedback. We truly enjoy the great people that browse the market, and our coffee is an invitation to making new friends.

Local Co-Op Delivery:

Just as we relish in understanding the culture of where our coffee comes from and supporting those local farmers, we also partner with other type local producers here in Texas. Networking together we have found a way to create a one-stop-shop for customers to buy fresh local products such as farm producing goods and other Artisan homemade/handcrafted goods, and of course, our signature coffee collection delivered right to their doorstep.

Special Events:

We may seize the opportunity both locally and nationally to share our story and our coffee at a special event or festival – check our website for upcoming events.

Open House At The Roastery:

Our doors are always open for customers to stop by and pick up coffee orders, take a tour, meet our Production Roaster, and enjoy a cup of fresh roasted coffee! From time to time we host tasting events, also known in the coffee world, as “Cupping.” 

We are so fortunate to have a supportive network all around us, and really this is the message we want to convey, as coffee is a social experience for people to enjoy together no matter where they are. Whenever in Texas, stop by and join us for a cup

Loving The Bean Life!