Our Specialty Coffee Collections

A deep love of coffee and a crusade to find the very best coffee experiences is the reason we are all here. But what do we mean by the “best”?

A deep love of coffee and a crusade to find the very best coffee experiences is the reason we are all here.

But what do we mean by the “best”? 

Is it a very limited supply of a high-cupping lot, or a versatile staple that delivers consistency and quality at an affordable price? At Bean Life Coffee we are always looking for high quality coffees sourced from farms adopting sustainable and innovative techniques that produce coffees with incredible taste and aroma. But we are also looking beyond the taste, supporting farmers, paying fair prices and maintaining the eco-system of the coffee industry.

Our three Coffee Collections have been developed to support these concepts and assist in your purchasing decisions. The Collections range from award winning microlots and limited-release coffee to excellent anytime coffees available almost year-round and at affordable prices.


The best of the best, our Microlot Collection feature what we consider to be the knock-out coffees that often come in limited quantities but pack plenty of punch with cupping scores of 88 and above.
The Microlot Collection includes our high-end limited editions produced using innovative techniques, variety specific separations, and lots traceable to individual producers. The premium price commanded by these coffees enables our producers to continue to innovate, to support the extra planning, effort and labor required to deliver these exceptional beans throughout the harvest, washing, drying and shipping stages.

Created to showcase the individual profiles of particular coffee-growing areas around the world, our Regional Collection allows you to escape to distant lands without the travel. This Collection recognizes the diversity in flavor and profile from the many departments of Colombia, to the microregions of Guatemala and the counties of Kenya, bringing the true taste of a place to your door. With cupping scores between 85 and 87, with these exceptional coffees you can taste the culture.

Our Signature Coffee Collection feature great-tasting specialty coffees true to place and profile, have a reliable and consistent quality and delivered at an affordable price. These typically consist of bulk offerings providing farmers consistent year-round income while still delivering terrific cups that score between 80 – 84 points. The perfect choice for your anytime and everyday go-to beverage.

Take some time and browse our collections and visit us regularly as we update our offerings.​