Whole Coffee Beans Make Coffee Drinking More Personal

When encountered with the choice to buy coffee in ground or whole bean form, always go with whole beans. Higher quality, longer shelf-life, and more options for the home enthusiast are available with whole coffee beans.

Coffee drinking has become more of a craft with attention to detail in hopes of extracting the best tasting cup of coffee. Having the right equipment, processes, and most importantly the freshest coffee beans possible all play an important role in this venture. 

Hands down, whole beans are the way to go when looking for a more intimate coffee experience! Pre-ground coffee is more for convenience and not when wanting the best possible tasting coffee.

Here at Bean Life Coffee, although we offer pre-ground as a great choice, we really are whole bean lovers for sure!


Here Are The Benefits Of Starting With Whole Beans:

  • Beans stay fresher for a longer time vs. pre-ground coffee
  • Ability to brew fresh coffee EVERYTIME
  • Grind it to pair with the different types of brewing methods
  • Allows a person to control the flavor and body
  • Different type brews for different moods using the same whole beans



Whole beans remain fresher for a longer time, mainly due to the size of the bean vs. grounds. With whole beans it takes the oxygen levels a longer time to penetrate the bean, whereas with grounds they will start to deteriorate much sooner. The taste will be greatly affected once deterioration sets in, creating a stale and bitter taste. Forgo the grocery store purchase and indulge in Bean Life Coffee, where the beans are roasted fresh fostering the best flavor from every bean.  


By grinding the whole beans when ready to brew, allows for the most optimal flavor from the beans.  Grind levels can be chosen to pair with any type brewing method (see the chart below).  Grinding on the spot allows for tweaking to develop the best tasting cup. Adjust as you go, and everyday will be a better cup of coffee to enjoy on your terms.

With pre-ground it is limited as to what type of brew method. Reviewing the chart below, an auto-drip works best with pre-ground, but this is pretty much the only brew method option that works best for pre-ground coffee beans.

Learn more about Coffee Grinding here


GRIND SIZE                    BREW METHOD

Extra Coarse                    Toddy, Cold Brew

Medium Coarse                Chemex, Cafe Solo, Clever Machine

Coarse                              French Press, Percolator

Medium                             Drip Coffee

Medium Fine                     Pour Over, Vacuum Pot, Siphon

Fine                                   Moka Pot, AeroPress, Espresso Machine

Super Fine                        Ibrik, Small Pot


How you brew, grind size, how much water, temperature of water, and length brewed makes all the difference as to the final flavor that is extracted from using freshly ground beans. 


How To Make Whole Beans A Part of Your Everyday Coffee Ritual
Step 1:     Invest in a top performing grinder
Step 2:    Choose a few of today’s most popular brewing equipment
Step 3:    Order coffee from Bean Life Coffee’s Collection of Single Origin Coffees, and discover a flavor that makes you happy!

Start with whole beans, and uncover a truly great coffee experience!