Coffee has an incredibly long history and has been a major influence on multiple cultures, countries, and societies. Though coffee has had such a tremendous impact on our world, most people only perceive it as the black tarry goo they drink in the mornings to help get them moving and keep them energized throughout the day. Even the methods we use to extract coffee today go unnoticed and under-appreciated just as long as the drinker can experience the energy buzz and sugar high.

To us, coffee is much more than a incidental occurrence. It is a moment to cherish.

Bean Life Coffee’s vision is to energize the world, inspire customers and enhance lives by providing the best coffee experiences. Learning about the history of coffee, modern brewing methods, roasting processes, understanding the importance of and participation in sustainability, and palate development all play a part in pursuing our vision for coffee drinkers.

Our team is built from lifelong students of coffee, and our desire to share our knowledge, appreciation, and discoveries is what motivates us to help inspire you the next time you are fascinated by your morning cup of coffee.

Coffee captivates us. And we hope that the information we share here will help you along your journey in experiencing coffee to the fullest.

We will be adding articles, bits of information, accounts of history, and instructional how-to's along the way.  So check back with us often!

Need some coffee to get started?  We've got you covered there too.